AC & Heating Maintenance

Ask about our AC maintenance plans in Houston, TX

Want Your Air Conditioning Unit to Last for Years to Come?

Regular maintenance can boost the functionality and life span of your air conditioning unit. That's why Enerfficient Solutions LLC offers AC maintenance plans in Houston, TX. We offer different service plans to best meet your needs and budget. You can count on us to come inspect your unit, clean it and top off the refrigerant.

Our maintenance plans also give you access to 24-hour emergency services 365 days a year. Call 281-607-2508 today for more information about our AC maintenance plans. Send a referral our way to get a credit.

Step 1


Clean indoor (Evaporator) and outdoor (Condenser) coils with Nu-Calgon's quality products that are designed to restore original BTU output and imporve airflow.

Step 2


Improve Indoor Air Quality by preventing bacteria on evaporator coils, drain pans and ductwork with Bio-Fresh CD after cleaning and disinfecting the coil with Evap-Fresh. Bio-Fresh CD is an EPA registered product that is a bacteriostat, fungistat and deodorizer. Evap-Fresh is both a cleaner and disinfectant that is also EPA registered to kill organisms typically found in HVAC systems.

Step 3


Apply Nu-Calgon's Cal-Shield® with Teflon® to evaporate and condenser coils to repel dirt and keep the coils cleaner longer.

Protection for Coils

  • Cal-Shield® is a ready to use coil protectant.
  • It protects evaporator and condenser coils from dirt and grime build-up. Makes future cleanings easier.
  • Protects coil from corrosive environments like salt air and food acids.
  • Improves IAQ by preventing dirt build-up on evaporator coils. Enhances run-off of condensate.

Step 4


Place Nu-Calgon GelTabs or PanPads (an EPA registered drain pan biocide) in the evaporator drain pan. This prevents biological growths and slime. GelTab and PanPad protection will last. up to 3 months.

  • Protects drain pan against clogs
  • Gel formulation locks tab into place
  • Completely dissolves
  • Eliminates foul & musty odors
  • Mini tabs designed specifically for mini splits and ductless units

Step 5


Place any of the ClenAir products into the airstream to continue to eliminate odors within the unit or breathing space. ClenAir products attached themselves to odors and eliminate them not mask them. Many sizes and applications to fit any unit Residential or Commercial.