Our Top Notch "Platinum Plan" provides you with year-round, complete worry-free protection for your Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment's, covering 20% of the cost of small electrical parts when needed, it gives you and your family access to a full spectrum of loyalty special discounts and promotions. We got your home's comfort fully covered while you have peace of mind, and save money on energy bills all year long.

Benefits Include:

  • Inspection and cleaning of your COOLING and HEATING systems during 2 service visits a year (this is a deep cleaning process and a detailed inspection of the system performance).
  • Up to 2 lbs. of refrigerant are included with the service if needed.
  • Return filters change service (up to 6 pleated filters are included during the 2 visits).
  • 2 Media Filter Replacement Cartridges a year and 1 UV Light Replacement Lamp are included every 2years.
  • (If not MF or UVL are installed on the system, up to 6 Quarterly Pleated Filters will be provided)
  • Care Call every 3 Months with Filter Change Reminders, by Text, E-mail or Phone call.
  • Top Priority 2hr window Scheduling & 24-hour / 365 days a year emergency service.
  • 10% discount on any repairs and upgrades.
  • 20% coverage for the cost of Electrical Parts not included under warranty by manufacturer.
  • 5% discount on any additional system installation (Credit for Referrals).

  • If along the maintenance service, our technician finds out that any repairs are needed, he will estimate the cost without any extra charge and present it to the customer.
  • This service is not including the cost of labor to change parts needed for any repair, we will consider any special pricing according to your plan.
  • This is an inspection and deep cleaning service; our technicians are very well trained and have enough experience to do this maintenance following specific guidelines.
  • This is not intended to be any kind of warranty upon the equipment's or labor on any actual or future repair needed.
  • -Return Filters will be changed if the place where are located have easy access, double height ceilings or risky places will be avoided for this service.