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    RunTru. The newest name in heating and cooling systems from the brand you trust: Trane

    Thoroughly tested. Dependable. Designed and assembled in the USA.

    For decades, Trane has been the go-to source for high-end, reliable engineering.

    While we pride ourselves on this fact, we also know that not everyone needs or wants all the bells and whistles.

    That's where RunTru by Trane comes in.

    RunTru is just what you need, but at a price point that makes it the answer to your heating and cooling needs.

    RunTru by Trane Specs

    • 14 SEER Efficiency Ratio
    • 40% Annual Energy Savings
    • All-aluminum SpineFin Condenser Coil
    • 1 SPEED of Comfort
    • Sound Level 74 dBA
    • All-aluminum Box Evaporator Coil
    • Constant Torque (ECM) Blower Motor
    • 20 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty
    • 10 Year Compressor - Condenser - Coil
    • 5 Year Functional Parts Warranty